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"I could not believe how great and different SoliDroid is. No one else has anything like it. I can't stop playing. Thank you for coming up with this one of a kind wonderful game..."

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All of our PC Games are Arcade Quality - Full Screen games. We host online competitions 24/7, with over 1400 different tournaments across 3 different skill groups, and over 30,000 game entries each day! (click a game to see the game in action)

Download our pool game for free - Accurate Physics, Awesome graphics Download Tournament Solitaire for free - The most fun Solitaire you will find Download Triplestars Tri Peaks Solitaire for Free  Download the Mental Blocks puzzle game for free Download the Fast Match puzzle game for free Download the Make 13 Solitaire game for free Download the Megastars Tri Towers game for free Download the free Pinball Bingo and enjoy great physics and gameplay

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Making the best video games since 1997 Starting way back in 1997, we were the first to come up with the idea of letting players compete online in casual games. We started, created the best possible Klondike Solitaire game for the PC, and built the first tournament system of it's kind, then we hung an Open sign on the web. Ever since, we have been creating new games, more tournaments and growing a great family of players. Come on in, and join us!