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Games Included:

Tournament Solitiare
Our most popular game, and we feel the best game of Klondike Solitaire you will find!
Mental Blocks
Select the blocks that are grouped together as fast as you can!
TG Pool
Play classic pool, or one of over 40 different layouts.
Triple Stars
If you enjoy Tri Peaks, or Tri Towers Solitaire, this one will soon be your favorite!
Fast Match
Similar to Mahjong, but much more fun to play.
Make 13
Select cards that add up to 13 and clear the playfield as fast as you can!
Mega Stars
It's like Tri Towers with a Kick!
Pinball Bingo
Mix in a little pinball and a little bingo, and you have Pinball Bingo!
Jack Black
Place cards in the trays to add up to 21, be patient but play fast!