Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Competitive Strategy Games?
A: Competitive strategy games are games where you can compete against other players. These games, unlike casino games or gambling games, are won by a players strategic gameplay, not chance. Our games, for consist of timed moves or plays, and logical decisions. The more efficiently you play (i.e. develop your strategy for gameplay), the higher standing you obtain in a competition. This is due to the fact that you are not competing against cards, a computer, or a dealer. The competition is against other live players who have an equal chance. Therefore, the most strategic skillful player is the winner and not the "luckiest" as it is not a game of chance.

Q: What is Competitive Gameplay?
A: Competitive Gameplay involves entering into competitions where players post the best possible score they can to a "Score Board". At the end of a competition, the person with the top score wins that round. These types of tournaments are much like the olympics, golf tournaments, and other games where the highest, or sometimes the lowest, score designates the winner.

Q: What about Skill ranks?
A: Take a look here

Q: How Does it Work?
A: You can play our games through a download or directly from the site:
You can download our Tournament Games software which has absolutely no spyware nor viruses, never has, never will. The main part of this software is the Console. The Console is your window to all of the games and tournaments currently in progress at Tournament Games. Along with the Console, you can download your choice of Games in which you wish to compete.
You can choose to play directly from our website by clicking the games link at the top of the page and selecting play games. This displays the game selection. After you select the game of your choice the competition list will load and you can select the one of your choice.

Q: How do I purchase credits and what can I use them for?
A: You can purchase credits after you have created an account by clicking under the My Account tab and selecting the Purchase Credits option. The credits can be used to enter specific tournaments where you have the opportunity to win additional credits that can then be used to compete in future competitions of the same type.

Q: Is It Free?
A: Yes, we have free competitions for all of our games. You can also choose to play in one of competitions where you can pay an entry fee and compete as well. When you win in a competition with an entry fee, your account will be credited with the game credits associated with that specific competition. All of the games are free to download and play without giving us any personal information or credit card information. Only if you choose to purchase game credits, do we ask your personal information, and this is purely for your own personal security.

Q: Can I trust Tournament Games?
A: Yes, we have players that have been with us since we started back in 1997, when we were the first to offer strategy game competitions on the internet. We strive to take care of everyone who has taken the time and trouble to join our site. We adhere to strict privacy rules, we never share any of your information with anyone outside Tournament Games.

Q: If I try to contact you, will I be able to talk to a real person?
A: Yes, we answer our phones and emails. We have an office, and answer our phone calls. You will not get a messaging service asking you to "Press 3 for Tech Support" etc. When our phone rings during normal business hours, and we answer it. (terms of service)