General Competition Rules

There are currently 3 different styles of competitions at Tournament Games. Each style requires a slightly different strategy to be successful, so it is important that you understand the differences between them. The competition styles differ mainly in how they end. The competition styles apply to all games at Tournament Games, though they may not all be in use at one time for a given game.

LIMITED ENTRY COMPETITION - This style of competition is very similar to the normal competition. When the competition ends all open entries are given ample time to post their scores, but there is no pre-determined end time. Instead, each competition has an entry limit. When that limit is reached the competition is closed. For example, a competition marked as ending at 36 entries will close as soon as the 36th game is started. No new entries are allowed in the competition but all open entries are allowed to complete in a reasonable time.

TIMED COMPETITION - This style of competition is the simplest. The Timed competition ends at a pre-determined date and time. When the competition ends no new entries are allowed on that competition. Outstanding entries are given a reasonable time to report their score. The player with the highest score after the competition has ended and all outstanding entries have reported (or expired) is the winner. All competition times are US Central Standard Time.

SPRINT COMPETITION - This style of competition does not have a pre-determined ending time or number of entries. Each sprint competition has a target score or target level that must be reached to win. The first player to reach that target wins the competition and the competition ends. Any outstanding entries are rejected immediately. This is different from the other competitions where each player is allowed to post their score within a reasonable period of time. Because of the nature of this style of competition, it is often advantageous to quit a game as soon as you have reached the target rather than continuing to play for a higher score or level.

PAY 5 TOURNAMENTS - There are also some tournaments called PAY5 tournaments. In these tournaments the top 5 winners are awarded prizes. A player can also multiple prizes in a single tournament. Players are awarded for each prize winning position they are in after the close of a tournament. For instance, a prize of $7.50 would be awarded as:

      1st Place - $3.00
      2nd Place - $2.25
      3rd Place - $1.12
      4th Place - $0.75
      5th Place - $0.38

SKILL RANK - Players begin with a skill rank of 100, and lowers as they improve, similar to golf. The Skill Rank FAQ explains what this affects in detail.